Thursday, November 20, 2008

Urban Entry

You have to check this out. . . I wish I could import the video entry but I can't so you just have to follow the link.  

Scott Lundeen is doing some cool video stuff.  If you are joining us for Bridge Builders this year you'll get to see the video. .  . he's done a great job capturing what I keep telling people:  the hood is moving to the burbs!!

I just keep laughing. . . watch it and you will too. . .

"I live in the suburbs"


JudyBright said...

I guess only people who live in the country or special suburbs wouldn't realize this.

My 'burb doesn't have the intensity of trouble that the inner city has, but I guess if I told you that there's constantly people breaking into cars, my neighbor's van was stolen right out of their driveway, that there's actual latinos, African Americans, single moms, and inter-racial couples on my street I guess people wouldn't assume that I live in a suburb, and a new development at that. Did I mention the foreclosed homes? I guess that's everywhere these days.

Sarah said...

It really bothers me a bit that the man in the video seems to only associate the "people of color" with the inner city where he says the crime and homeless live; where they need missions the most? And white people live outside there with their money and good place to raise kids?
He thought that class and color dictate the need for missions?

I guess I can confused that he is founding a program, Urban entry, on those presuppositions and that there is a change happening. Someone, anyone, thinks that is a good thing?

hammerdad said...


I think that his point was being honest about how he was taught to think as he was growing up. He is expressing a vantage point that was his and remains entrenched in the wider white evangelical community.

The point of the video is, I think, to change this thinking. . . I'll see if I can get Scott to respond directly to your comment. . . .

Scott Lundeen said...

Hello, Sarah,

Thanks for your comments. I am actually a little uncomfortable with the beginning myself.

As Joel said, my point is to represent the understanding I had before learning more about the city. I'm trying to take an "in-between" role in these videos - exploring the issue, asking the questions many might be asking, and connecting them to "experts" who have been living/working with the question raised in that session.

I do not think class/culture dictate the need for missions (although I suspect that most funding and mission trips from almost any mostly-white church are going to cross-cultural missions work). People in every community and culture need Jesus.

My concern and experience is Christians have fears and questions about other cultures, groups, and communities. (Joel could tell you some of the concerns suburban Christians have about his neighborhood - and some of the concerns his Christian neighbors have about the suburbs.) I believe reconciliation should be a hallmark of Christians - and I believe many Christians want to learn how to love their cross-cultural neighbor. Urban Entry is designed to help that happen, and I am taking the role of a guy trying to figure it out.

I have been involved with urban ministry in various ways since 1991 in Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, and New Orleans, and your concerns echo the some of the very reasons I am doing these videos.

Your feedback is helpful as we continue to develop Urban Entry.

Scott Lundeen
Producer, Urban Entry

Anonymous said...

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