Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A comment on the "before" photos

Did you notice the diagonal line in the living room wall photo? This is from a stair way that used to enter into the living room.
In the before photos of the front of our home you will notice 2 front doors. The one on the right was added sometime after 1950.
Like so many buildings in our community, during a time of high density, overcrowding, etc... a home designed for one family was divided into multiple living units. We are "deconverting" the unit, as the city calls it.

There are literally thousands of empty lots in our community -- most are from buildings that simply wore out and were torn down. This traces directly back to a time when the city was cordened off in specifically racist ways --- the black community there and no where else. "Restrictive housing covenants" they called it. (look up the Hansberry case on wikipedia!! the Hansberry's lived in our neighborhood, one block from the Sunshine building! Raisin in the Sun!)

There are at least 10 lots on our block in which buildings didn't survive. Why did this home survive?


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