Friday, June 13, 2008

Winning can be awkward.

There are 2 white kids at Wadsworth Elementary School here in Woodlawn.  I know because they are both mine.  

Corban (5) and Caden (4) are "moving up".  Corban is headed from Pre-K to Kindergarten and Caden is going from Pre-K3 to Pre-K4.  They had an all school assembly which we enjoyed attending.  Corban got the "Pre-Kindergarten Honor Role Award for a scholarly mind".  

(no, he couldn't quite read that sentence yet, but evidently he has the mind for it!)

Out of about 500 kids 2 would be awarded new bicycles out of a drawing.  Guess who one the boys bike?   Caden!  It never occurred to me that they might have any chance to win so I left before they did the drawing and didn't get to take pictures  at the time.

There are many things about living in the community we've gotten used to that many would find awkward. . . but being the only boy in the school to win a new bike (one that is actually too big for him -- something that was pointed out loudly by the 2nd grade classroom boys across the aisle) that's awkward!  

Fortunately Caden and Corban are oblivious to the perception of privilege and favoritism.  And their teachers were only encouraging.  We love being here you just never know what you'll face next.   

(That's Kaylie that decided she needed to sit with the Pre-K3 class next to Caden -- she's right at home too. . . )


Kristen said...

sweet pictures! neat to hear about the kids and even winning a bike! He'll be big soon.

Tim said...

I love catching up on your life a couple times a month. My head spins when I read your blog. Thanks for what you are doing and for sharing your heart and life so freely here. Some day I'll stop in and see you when I'm in Chicago (you aren't in Union, MI anymore).

Dave said...

Hey Joel, it's time for a fresh entry man!!