Tuesday, May 6, 2008

City Signs: It's just different in the city.

Elmo is just a guy I really want to meet. Every time I drive by this sign (and a few others I am planning to share) I slow down and sometimes stop. This one always makes me laugh.

I'm pretty sure he isn't red with a big nose and lots of fur. . . but you never know.

I think this is part of what it means to live in the city -- trying to figure out what stuff means. This is the only Elmo I know that is surrounded by barbed wire.

And this is on South State Street where Robert Taylor housing projects have been since the early 70's (a very tough neighborhood that has now been torn down).

So who is Elmo? Why would you call him before you go? Why would you want to wait for your tombstone? It's just different here. . .


Shlomo said...


Hey Joel,

Have you considered that they probably put the barbed wire fence there cause people were just dying to get in.

Maybe not.


PS: Sorry, I don't think I ever explained the meaning of B"H . It's a Jewish thing. Sort of like in the Black Church when someone gets up to testify they will say, "First giving honor to GOD, the Pastor, the Deacons, etc. and etc." B"H is an abbreviation for Baruch HaShem which is Hebrew for Bless the Name (of the LORD). I am not the only person, nor the first person, to do this. If you were to encounter many Orthodox Jews you would likely see it all the time.

hammerdad said...

Wow, Shlomo, thanks for the answer. Very interesting!

Love the joke.. . my mom will love it too when she sees it. . . !!