Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What does Purdue, Judson, Southern Indiana and Montana have in common?

We are now just over half way through our Bridge Builders week here at Sunshine.  I have been enjoying one of our larger groups (46 folks) spending time learning, listening, experiencing and serving here in the city.  We have colleges from 3 campuses listed above, plus a church from Montana here.

I've been doing most of the teaching but at the moment had to take a night out with a cold that I'm fighting that has been getting worse all week.  For those of you who read this regularly please pray for the health of the group and of my family.  Between colds going around and days that last sometimes from 7am until 1am, the days get a little long!

I am continually amazed at the way I learn each a week a bit more about God's love and patience for us.  I was reminded today about Romans 2:4 which says that it is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance.


Preeti said...

So, what did we all have in common?

You are pretty much a phenomenal teacher and did an amazing job all week. I think I am correct when I speak for all of us - atleast my Judson group - in that this was not a missions trip where we came off with a spiritual high which would then wear down to us becoming complacent. On the other hand, what happened was that we learnt so much about the city, about others, about ourselves, about God and about practical ways in which we could make a difference.

We went from discomfort to being able to co-exist in rather close proximity to like 46(??) other people. We went from being strangers to friends who could pray for each other and lift each other up during the hard times. I know now that I will never again take a ride on the L and not talk to the person sitting next to me. I know now that I will never pass another old homeless man on the street and not wonder what his story is. I know that these 5 short days changed how I look at other things and other people.

And for all that, the least I can say is thank you :-) Perhaps we will meet again.

hammerdad said...


yeah, I should have said it: What they have in common is that all yall were here at the same time!

I praise God for the way He worked in your life and others this week. Thanks for the privilege of having you here.