Sunday, February 10, 2008

Camp Illiana

I had a great time this weekend at Camp Illiana. I was privileged to be invited to speak to college groups from around the State of Indiana about God's heart for the poor.

We did 4 sessions:

1. God's heart for the poor (Ps 113) and for the city (Jerm 29)
2. A regular dose of the gospel energizes mercy (and makes Christ visible). (Matt 18 and Luke 6)
3. Remember the gospel. . . Rom 3; Re-evaluate our wealth (1 Tim 6)
4. Reconciliation through the "likemindedness" of Phillipians 2. (a first step in making justice issues personal).

I am grateful that a number of the students will be joining us for a week of Bridge Builders missions experience in Chicago this spring. I was also really encouraged to hear from various members of the group that had attended BB in previous years that through their experience God led them to encourage students to move in the city, take on new majors in school and find other effective ways to remain committed to mercy/justice issues in their ministry and life.

Thanks for allowing me to come and may God grant us a heart that clings to the cross, doesn't shrink from suffering, and pursues justice and mercy out of gratitude.


Donivan Williams said...

Joel thanks for speaking at the retreat this weekend, thanks for leaking Jesus, and for chatting with me on several occasions. Special thanks to your wife and kids for letting us borrow you a few days - pass on our sincere appreciation.

See you in a few weeks brother!

Don Williams - Student Christian Fellowship - Evansville IN

Aaron said...

You have come over to the darkside and let people comment I see. Good!
Send me a skeleton outline of these talks when you get a chance. They sound great! Don't worry I wont use them and say they are mine


Ross said...

hey joel

I just want to thank you for making the trip down for the weekend and letting God use you as His tool for urban ministry! I'm excited for a chance to come to chicago for a weekend and get a new viewpoint on the city.

keep on keepin on bro.
Romans 16:19

hammerdad said...

Thanks for the feedback guys. . . it was great to be there and Aaron, you know me. . . the outlines will usually be in writing just after I speak. . . ! Just kidding. I'll shoot them your way.