Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rescue Crew from Elmbrook!

I am so greatful for the help I got from a handful of people over the past 2 weeks. First, my father in law came during Thanksgiving (THANKS TOM!!) and helped with many small tasks to get the drywall going. These finishing touches on electrical, plumbing, ductwork, and carpentry were all things within his ability.

Then we had the Crepensiks and Mark Wilson come and put in the underlayment for the kitchen tile (Thanks guys!)

Finally a crew from Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin came downa dn helped get the hardwood going, set a new rear door and start the stairs and banister project. Since Saturday I have completed the hardwood, wrestled with 3 fautly and 1 successful paint sprayer (see Mr. White guy) and gotten the kitchen tile in (mostly). I hope to finish the tile tonight.

Then comes kitch cabinet assembly, wiring the outlets on first and second floor, finishing the stairs, and lots and lots of trim.