Saturday, May 26, 2007

Opening Shots

I have been thinking for some time about starting to blog regularly, so here goes. My son Caleb (1/7 of my kids) and I are on a trip to Missouri to connect with college kids about our ministry.

We work and live in Chicago's historic Southside, ministering across racial lines and among a community that is disproportionately poor. My thoughts, passion and self-study is primarily around ministerial, theological and historical issues about the city in general and my community in particular. I read quite a bit and plan to add thoughts about my perspectives on what the gospel means in general and how its witness through God's people in the city is a challenge rarely understood.

I often tell our staff that "if you are done learning you are done ministering here". I mention this because I am not going to write as "the one who understands" but rather as one called by Christ to love him, live in the city, and build bridges through the gospel.

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